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The history of the Ersnes Family

Johannes Ersnes was born in Kristiansund and is third generation of "Quality Inspector of fish". His grandfather started as "Quality Inspector of fish" in 1925 and his father in 1937, both for the goverment.

Johannes Ersnes started as "Quality Inspector of fish" in 1975, and already at the age of 26, he became the Manager Director of Veidholmen Fiskesamvirke. Creating history in the small fishing community, he established export license to the company.  

In 1989 he co-founded Jemar AS together with his long time college Elin Antonsen. They left Veidholmen Fiskesamvirke and moved the business to Kristiansund. Today Jemar AS is 100 % owned by Johannes Ersnes. Elin Antonsen still works by his side. 

By focusing on fish export, the creation of a future Jemar Group started. During the following years the company expanded to real estate, stock market, fishing -and seismic boats. 

In 2005 Jemar Invest AS made a big investment and bought Norpower Brødrene Malo.

Making sure that the Ersnes family stays in the marine business in the future, the two children of Johannes Ersnes joined Jemar Norpower AS in 2014.

The history of Jemar Norpower AS

NORPOWER Brothers Malo A/S - a company with a Maritime Connection since 1917.

NORPOWER can trace its history back to 1917 when Jacob Malo and Oluf Kringstad constructed and started production of the semi-diesel engine Glimt. Later Jacob Malo produced the semi-deisel Fram. 

Engine production and the related workshop services ended in 1950. After a period of providing a range of different workshop services a hydraulically operated net crane, with a roller for hauling nets, was constructed and put into production. This was the first time such equipment was produced in Norway and was a contributing factor in the development of the Norwegian ring net fleet. Production activity expanded and the Sørholmen site was purchased. Sørholmen, in Kristiansund, is where the company is still located today.

In addition to the production and installation of own product, equipment was sourced and installed from other suppliers. Equipment was supplied and installed to approximately 270 purse seines during this period (including from Iceland and the Faroe Islands). There were also exports of net hauling equipment and by 1965 the company had business associates in 24 countries.

The fibreglass/polyester reinforced boat era
With the purse seine fleet the need for a sturdy workboat arose, to be used as a base for tracing fish and to tow the mother vessel against current and wind when the net was in the ocean (side thrusters later took over this towing role).

In 1968 the first fishing boat, a coastal fishing boat for one to two men, was delivered. This workboat was also designed as a combined rescue boat, meaning there was no need for an ordinary lifeboat onboard. The fishing boat became dominant in production and, until the breakdown of the cod stock in the Barents Sea during 1988, it constituted the largest share of the production at about 80 – 85 percent.

From the beginning, the boats have been adapted and used for purposes other than fishing and hunting. The most significant include boarding boats for the Coastguard, workboats for the Coast Authorities beacon department and harbour department, pick-up and service boats offshore and for aquaculture. Most recently the boats have been developed for use in oil pollution control and as service boats for seismic vessels.

Since the beginning in 1965 we have produced and delivered more than 1630 fishing and workboats.

Jemar Gruop bought in 2008 Norpower Brødrene Malo AS. Since then, the company has developed and grown into the international market as a healty company. 

In 2008, together with our customers, we designed a new seismic workboat, which was bigger, faster and had more power than earlier models. The 30 ft Seismic Workboat from Jemar Norpower AS, sat the standard for workboat in the seismic industry.

Our boats are today operating from the arctic waters of Alaska, the Barents Sea and Greenland to tropical areas around the world












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