• Fishing Boats

    Fishing Boats

    Jemar Norpower is a company with maritime Connection since 1917, producing the well-know Malo-sjark.
  • Multipurpose Workboat

    Multipurpose Workboat

    Jemar Norpower AS is a builder of workboats for the seismic industry, harbors, anti-pollution/oil spill recovery, crew change and tugging.
  • Seismic Work Boats

    Seismic Work Boats

    The original seismic workboat by Jemar Norpower AS. An unique combination of speed, bollard pull and the boats’ seaworthiness creates a strong, speedy and safe workboat.
  • Fish Export

    Fish Export

    Jemar AS has exported fresh and frozen fish, salted fish and clipfish since 1989.
  • Real Estate

    Real Estate

    Jemar Eiendom AS owns apartments, houses and industry property in Kristiansund and has several development projects in progress.
  • 140 T Båtheis

    Jemar Norpower AS has invested in a 140 Tonn Travellifter with 12m beam. 
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