Jemar Norpower AS

Jemar Norpower AS is a Norwegian builder of workboats for the seismic industry, harbors, anti-pollution/oil spill recovery, crew change and tugging.

The boats are built in glass fiber reinforced polyester (GRP) and come in three models: 23ft, 26ft and 30ft.

The main characteristics of our models are the unique combination of speed and bollard pull and the boats’ seaworthiness and stability. Together these qualities make a Jemar Norpower AS workboat strong, speedy and safe.

Propulsion: Marine diesel engine 300 – 425HP, gear and propeller

Speed: 20-25 knots;    Bollard pull: 2,5 -3,2 tons

Jemar Norpower workboats are used for a multiple of purposes: Wrasse fishing, carrying cargo on deck, crew change (11 passengers), inspection of equipment in the sea, tugging, emergency boat for oil spill recovery, general workboat. A solid, one skin hull and reliable engine and equipment reduce the down-time to almost zero. With a single lifting point for davit they can be installed on board a vessel or they can be operated from a harbor.

Our boats are custom-made to comply with the needs of each customer. 

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Jemar Norpower AS
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